Hi mom,

There’s a huge difference between following someone online because you’re genuinely interested in what they’re posting and using it to stalk someone like you’re doing. 

I understand I’m “posting things online for everyone to see,” as you put it during our phone conversation today, but you’re not going through 61 pages of my blog because you’re interested in what I posted, you’re doing it because for some reason, you’re convinced all I’m doing is hiding something from you. Like you think all I do out here is party and get drunk and sleep with every other guy I see and do drugs and god knows what else you think I do.I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not but my lowest grade out here has been a C+ in stats last semester. In stats. A math class. Which I’ve never been good at. Obviously I’m doing just fine.

You can’t tell people you’re “so proud” of me and I’m “doing great” and you “have nothing but good things to say” about me and then turn around and not trust me. You always say how much it hurts you that I “shut you out” or whatever, well it really hurts me you don’t trust me enough to give me any space & just leave me alone on here.

You’ve had all this time to teach me how to function in the real world like an adult and you need to accept that I’m almost 20 and can be online without your supervision.